Winner of the New Voices in Children’s Literature Tassy Walden Award, Candlewax is
C. Bailey Sims’s debut novel. She is currently writing the sequel, Tabrek

What people are saying

“With very ‘real’ characters, and a gripping storyline, Candlewax is a real page-turner that always leaves you wanting to know what will come next.”
  - Michelle Duane, teacher/librarian, Australia

“A medieval fantasy brimming with action, adventure, and a host of colorful characters. Sims has created a world so complete, so fully imagined, that readers will relish the story, and root for the heroine along the way!”
  - Kaley S. DeGoursey
    Children’s and YA Manager/Buyer/Events
    RJ Julia Independent Booksellers

“A page turner filled with enchantment, mystery, betrayal, courage and true heroism.”
  - Christina Holmes
    Middle School English
    Chase Collegiate School

“Candlewax by C. Bailey Sims is a beautiful, exciting read that brings a breath of fresh air to the Young Adult/ Fantasy genre. It’s not often in today’s time you find a YA/ Fantasy book that features anything more than vampires, werewolves, and fallen angels. So imagine my surprise when I discover the mythical creature is a giant cat (about the size of a horse) named Spelopokos. I honestly could not wrap my head around it! However, as I continued to read Candlewax I began to warm up to this idea and eventually fell completely in love with Spelopokos! Sims has created an exciting and adventurous story that I could not put down..."
  - Michelle Keener,
    Escape in Words and Nocturn Reads.

“May I please move to Candlewax? The world-building in this book is incredible! From majestic castles to burning forests of Candlewax trees to the unforgiving land of Cinna, the fantasy world is breathtakingly beautiful and cold and evil at the same time.

Well-paced. I was sucked into the story right away and, for the most part, had a hard time putting it down. Sims provides plenty of conflict to keep the story moving; there were times when I wondered, “How on earth are they going to get out of this mess?”

Strong characters. Princess Catherine, Bessie, and Cyril are all likeable, brave, and clever. Readers will love to hate thoroughly evil characters such as Kallik, Warren, Julia, and Magnus.

When the book is published, I will definitely be getting a copy for my library. Great for middle schools!”
  - Mrs. ReaderPants Blog