Artist’s Statement

If you are walking along and not really seeing what is there, you are missing an opportunity to stand in awe of the complexity and simplicity of creation. That moment of contemplation and discovery is what I try to share in my paintings.

I believe that the details of the universe are supported by its wholeness, and vice versa. In art, there can be a tension between detail and wholeness and one can become more important than the other. I would vote for wholeness in every instance, and hope to subordinate the details of a composition to its unity and harmony. At the same time, small things—a pebble or a fragment, a cast shadow—can have their own place and importance in a composition.

My favorite light is when the sun of late afternoon, an hour or so before sunset, glances over both large and small forms and brings out their best color and depth.  You can see this any time of the year, however, it seems most pronounced in the late summer and fall.

The New England shoreline with its peculiar blend of stony little beaches, sandy smoothness, and rocky outcroppings, offers constant inspiration.
--C. Bailey Sims